Fit Life Charities

$10's of Thousands Campaign

For many well established families, a modest $10 per month pledge is a painless commitment. While it may not seem like much, this grass roots effort can accomplish great achievements with your support! Just consider what the help of just one thousand supporters can accomplish at one of our local underfunded Chicago School's, or for one of our Chicago Non-Profit sponsored low cost kids programs. We can get the best resources, and provide the best  opportunities for all of our children. The goal of this campaign is to build up our communities by having everyone involved and playing their small part.

Fit City Scholarship Fund

Fit Life Project is dedicated to creating positive opportunities in the areas of fitness, sports, arts, and education for the under-served youth.  We have partnered with our sister company Fit City Kids to help kids enroll in their youth sport and fitness programs as well as their camps and after school programming.  Your generous donation will go directly to help fund these programs for boys and girls who otherwise would not be able to attend.